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How to choose training shoes?

When choosing training shoes, you should take into account the type of training you perform in order to:

  • relieve the joints as much as possible,
  • stabilize the foot
  • or take care of its natural mobility.

All these features are to improve the quality of training and bring the greatest possible progress in exercises and minimize the risk of injuries that may arise during such training. A lot of consumers use simply running shoes also in the gym as they are great for running on the treadmill and are enough for a lot of basic fitness activities. However, running shoes will not ensure enough of stability for more advances special training exercises.

Crossfit training shoes

When choosing shoes for Cross-fit training, we should most importantly look for the shoes that are:

  • stable,
  • have good grip,
  • stabilize the foot in the shoe.

The sole of such shoes is, in most cases wider and less flexible than the others to ensure the greatest possible stability and secure lockdown of the foot.

The upper should fit very snugly around the arch of the foot to prevent your foot from sliding inside the shoe during dynamic exercise.

The drop (heel-to-toe height) in cross-fit shoes is usually low, so that the exercises can be performed within the natural full range of motion of the ankle joint.

Fitness training shoes

This type of footwear is different from the previous one described above.

In dynamic exercises such as fitness:

  • the lightness
  • and flexibility of the sole

are important so that the shoe does not restrict movements and does not interfere with the foot during jumps and quick changes of direction.

The sole of such shoes is more flexible so that every move can be made in the right range. Thanks to this, the foot moves with greater freedom, uses more deep muscles and thus additionally strengthens.

The upper should fit the arch of the foot, and when choosing the size, remember to have a minimum of half of centimeter margin. During dynamic movements, the foot moves more forward and backward in the shoe, so it should have more space in the shoe than during static exercises.

Universal shoes for training in the gym

If your training is varied and you have static and dynamic exercises in your training plan, we recommend that you get versatile training shoes. This type of footwear combines light stability and flexibility of the forefoot, a well-fitted, thin upper and a grippy tread, so that you can perform any type of exercise during training without any problems.

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