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How can I use a voucher or discount code?

You can use the discount code directly in the basket at the first stage of placing the order.

Pay attention to how the code you want to use works - from catalog or current prices - and for products that are not subject to discounts. Information on the possible exclusion of a given assortment from discounts can be found on the card of individual products.

What should I do if my order with a discount code has been canceled?

We are very sorry that your order has been canceled. In the case of such few situations as this, please contact us directly by e-mail to clarify the matter.

If you used a one-time discount code when placing the canceled order, inform us about such situation to clarify the matter and reactivate the code.

What to do when the voucher or discount code does not work?

We often get many questions about discount codes that don't work properly and don't charge a discount.

Before contacting the customer service in our store, please check the most common errors, such as:

  • using an expired code,
  • attempting to use a code on a product excluded from the discount,
  • error while entering the code (upper / lower case letters, appropriate characters),
  • use of a code discount operating from the catalog (first) prices on the product already covered by the discount.

Where can I buy a gift card?

Gift cards with a value of 50, 100, 200, 300 and 500 PLN are available for purchase both in the store and online in the "Accessories - Gift cards" tab. If you are considering buying a card with a value other than the suggested one, contact us with such a request via e-mail address:

Is a gift card purchased in an online store also valid in stationary and vice versa?

Yes, you can use the gift card both in-store and online by entering the code shown on the card in the basket.

Do vouchers and discount codes also apply to sale products?

Discount codes and vouchers apply to products not on sale. However, it happens that we provide discount codes that reduce the prices of already discounted products. We inform our clients about such exceptions in our marketing communication.


  • Gift cards lower product prices by a fixed amount, also from sale prices.
  • The discount code for subscribing to the newsletter is valid only for retail (first) prices.

Do I get a discount on purchases when creating an account in the store?

We guarantee this pleasure to all new customers by having an individual discount from the very first purchase! :) Get to know our loyalty program available at this link and check the benefits of having an account and regular purchases at ForPro.

Can I use two discount codes at the same time?

Unfortunately, we don't provide such possibility of combining promotions resulting from having multiple discount codes.

However, if you are a happy owner of two of more gift cards and you would like to use them at the same time, write to us with such information on Facebook Messenger or via e-mail to: