Running, training and fitness clothes - everything you need to know

Outdoor running clothes as well as professional training equipment are significantly important when it comes to comfort and protection of the body during training...

Fabric and technologies

The main fabric used in running clothes is polyester, which is:

  • flexible,
  • thin,
  • dries very quickly.

Additions of spandex and elastane are responsible for the flexibility of a given model, thanks to which the garment does not restrict movement and moves with the body.

All Nike Performance collection garments feature Dri-FIT technology to wick sweat away from the body and make the garment dry faster,  than items without this technology. In the running collection, there are more and more fitted cuts to the body, in order to best remove moisture from the skin and not restrict movement.

Summer running clothes

In summer running clothes:

  • lightness,
  • breathability,
  • moisture management

are the most important things. These three features mean that even training in high temperatures is not a problem, because special clothing will help you not to overheat.

In hot weather, choose fabrics with mesh or mesh inserts to increase air circulation and air cooling. The Nike DRIFIT, HEATGEAR or HEAT.RDY technologies wick moisture away from your skin, so it can dry fast on the outside surface of the garment. ISOCHILL technology from UNDER ARMOUR thanks to special minerals included in the fabric, gives additionally cooling sensation to your body, which is why they are recommended for this season of the year.

Winter running clothing

Running clothes for winter running are warmer and more resistant to external conditions than other collections in order to best protect the runner from cold, wind and rain.

Main technologies that distinguish winter running clothes from summer running clothes are Nike SHIELD and Nike STORM or Nike THERMA and Under Armour COLDGEAR as well as Adidas COLD.RDY.

SHIELD and STORM technologies are used in outerwear such as jackets, vests, leggings and pants. Itm akes the garment water resistant and windproof, allowing you to train safely in bad weather conditions. Running in rainy, snowy or windy conditions will become easier and more comfortable allowing you to execute your training plan even in bad weather.

THERMA, COLDGEAR and COLD.RDY technologies are most often found in first layer sweatshirts, mid layer long sleeves and jackets. It is a brushed material on the inside of the garment that has direct or indirect contact with the body. It is responsible for keeping as much heat as possible during training, it is pleasant in touch and does not rub. Thanks to this, you do not neet to put on many warm but heavy garments in order to train in low temperatures without fear of getting cold.


Training and fitness clothing

Clothes for training in the gym allow you to train at your maximum level, while ensuring comfort of use throughout the whole time, regardless of the exercises performed and the conditions in which you do it. 

Differences between running and gym clothes

Clothes designed for gym training have a thicker fabric texture than running clothes. Training apparel is more prone to chafing with equipment such as mats, benches and exercise machines. Thanks to this, you will avoid abrasions, and your favorite clothes will last longer.

Training leggings do not have unnecessary reflectors and zip pockets that can disturb the body while exercising on the floor.

Training underwear

An important and often overlooked element of clothing for training is technical underwear. In our offer you will find different types of underwear both for men and women (e.g. Nike Pro), which you can adjust according to your requirements. Technical underwear, unlike cotton underwear, collects moisture and transports it outside and dries quickly, which translates into no abrasions and chafing even during the most intense exercise.

Raglan seams

Often, raglan-seam sleeves can be found in training shirts. Raglan is a type of suture positioning that does not restrict arm movement during exercise. The seam is moved from shoulder height to the front to allow full range of motion training and exercise.

Nike Yoga Collection

A separate collection of yoga clothes is a great option for yoga fans and more. Yoga clothing is more flexible and soft than other training collections, because movement plays the most important role in yoga. You can easily make all complex figures in any set from the Nike Yoga collection.


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