adidas TERREX MYSHELTER Primaloft Hooded Jacket Violet GQ3699

199.00 €
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Simple, modern style meets the warmth of mountain trails. When winter tries to thwart your outdoor plans, this adidas Terrex insulated anorak jacket will allow you to move comfortably. Lightweight PrimaLoft® x Parley lining means that the model does not burden the model. Its cut allows you to move freely as you stretch and bend.

This product is made of Primeblue, a high-quality recycled material derived in part from Parley Ocean Plastic.


Plain weave fabric, 100% recycled polyester

Color by manufacturer:

violet orbit


What makes this model unique
This product is made of Primeblue, a high-quality recycled material derived in part from Parley Ocean Plastic
Matching the weather
Matching the weather
A two-way zipper along the entire length and a high collar ensure the perfect temperature, adapted to the conditions
Protection against cold
Protection against cold
The inner cuff at the bottom provides a perfect fit and protection against the cold.
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Type of sport: Na co dzień, Outdoor
Materiał wewnętrzny: Ocieplany, Oddychający, Przylegający, dopasowany
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